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Private Training & Group Fitness

Helping you achieve your goal

Whether your training goals include muscular strength or endurance, flexibility or balance, I can tailor a program for you and your group.

Your program can incorporate TRX Suspension Trainers, BOSU balance trainers, traditional strength training with weights or resistance bands, yoga, barre or pilates training.

Have a busy schedule?  Online training may be for you!  Workout at home or at the gym, on your own schedule.  I'm still with you, to coach you through your program and monitor your progress.

If you are in a slump in your current fitness routine, or looking to try something new, I would be happy to work with you to give your workout a "tune-up".

Don't hesitate because you are "just a beginner".  I love to work with people who are beginning the journey toward a healthier, fitter life.  How can I help you get started?

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