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A Little Bit About Me

Coach - Advocate - Change Agent

My name is Roni Riley, and I am 4Core Fitness Training.


My purpose and passion is to create solutions that change people’s lives. Unlike traditional fitness coaches, I use the Integrative Movement System to identify safe and effective exercises and progressions for my clients’ individual goals. I use a unique assessment process to determine areas of muscle tension or imbalances, and bring awareness to the habits and patterns that may be affecting posture and movement. Then I create an individualized program promoting Alignment, Breathing and Control, allowing my clients to gain strength and ease of movement, and to do the activities they need, love and want to do.

I grew up inactive and overweight, and I struggled with physical activity.  I have been where you have been, and I want to accompany you on your journey to a healthier, fitter life.

Come with me!

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