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Nutrition Coaching

A Client-Centered Approach

Our nutrition coaching program is powered by Precision Nutrition's ProCoach platform.  It is a 12-month program that guides you through important - yet sustainable - changes in your eating and lifestyle with help from me, your coach.

The program provides strategic daily nutrition practices, that will help you develop the habits and skills that will bring health and fitness into your life in a way that works for YOU.

The program is on-line, so you can access it wherever you are! I will be there to give you feedback, make adjustments and help keep you accountable.

Do you want to...

...lose weight and body fat? physical strength and confidence?

...get results that last?

...get off the diet rollercoaster once and for all?

If so, please contact me for more information, and to see if this program is right for you.  In order to provide clients personalized attention, I accept a limited number of clients during twice-yearly enrollment periods.  Contact me to secure your spot now!

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