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Pilates Training

Mindful Movement, Functional Fitness

Pilates, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is a mind-body exercise system designed to optimize physical fitness in people at every level of physical ability.  Pilates builds core strength and stability; improves posture and alignment; increases flexibility, balance and coordination;  improves muscular  balance and strength; increases muscular endurance and tone; and relieves stress and back pain.

Pilates Matwork focuses on core strength and stability.  Small props can be incorporated to add variety and challenge, but all you need to get started is an exercise mat and yourself! Matwork training is available for private, semi-private and small group training.

Pilates Reformer training utilizes spring resistance on specially designed equipment, improving strength and flexibility, posture and body awareness.  Reformer training is available only for private and semi-private training, and only at our location.

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