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Spring Training Special!

The boys of summer are preparing for the season, and you should, too!

The first day of Spring is in 30 days.

The first day of Summer is 13 weeks after that.

Will you be ready?

If your New Year's resolutions have died from neglect, it's time for a fresh start.

14 weeks - Nutrition and Exercise Coaching - $199

You receive:

  • daily nutrition habits

  • workouts for at home or at the gym

  • coaching support

You will see offers like this from every other trainer - why work with me?

Compassionate Coaching:

No matter where you are in your journey, I will meet you there and help you toward your goal, even if - ESPECIALLY if - you don't know where to start.

Fun Fitness:

I will work with you to find activities that you enjoy, that will get and keep you moving. If it's not fun, why do it?!

No-nonsense nutrition:

Say "no" to diets that restrict or eliminate entire food groups. Say "no" to the idea of a short-term "diet" at all. Say "no" to "good" or "bad" foods, and "all-or-nothing" thinking. Learn the two fundamental habits that you need for a lifetime of weight management - plus a lot of other great stuff for a healthy life.

To give you the best, personalized attention, I am limiting enrollment in this special session to 10 people.

Get on the pre-sale list now!

  • Contact me through my website

  • Message me "Spring Training Special" on Facebook

Invitations to the program will go out starting March 2nd.

Program Starts March 9th!

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